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The Walls Around Us: The Thinking Person’s Guide to How a House Works
David Owen

The Virgin Homeowner: The Essential Guide to Owning, Maintaining, and Surving Your First Home
  Janice Papolos

A Place of My Own: The Education of an Amateur Builder
Michael Polan

Tracy Kidder


Creating a New Old House Yesterday's Character for Today's Home
Russell Versaci

New Classicism – The Rebirth of Traditional Architecture
Elizabeth Meredith Dowling

The Architecture of the Classical Interior
Steven W. Semes

The Elements of Style: A Practical Encyclopedia of Interior Architectural Details
Stephen Calloway and Elizabeth Cromley

The Decoration of Houses
Edith Wharton & Ogden Codman, Jr.

Ogden Codman and the Decoration of Houses
Pauline C. Metcalf, editor

The Henry Clay Frick Houses
Architecture •  Interiors • Landscapes in the Golden Era

Martha Frick Symington Sanger

The Main Line: Country Houses 1879 – 1930
William Morrison

Classical Architecture
A Comprehensive Handbook to the Tradition of Classical Style

Robert Adam

Parallel of the Classical Orders of Architecture
Donald M. Ratner, editor

The American Vignola: A Guide to the Making of Classical Architecture
William R. Ware

American Colonial: Puritan Simplicity to Georgian Grace 
  Wendell Garrett

Shingle Styles: Innovation and Tradition in American Architecture
1874 to 1982

Leland M. Roth

Great American Houses and Their Architectural Styles
Virginia & Lee McAlester

A Field Guide to American Houses
Virginia & Lee McAlester

American House Styles: A Concise Guide
John Milnes Baker

The Visual Dictionary of American Domestic Architecture
Rachael Carley

Old House Dictionary: An Illustrated Guide to American Domestic Architecture
Steven J. Phillips

Old New England Homes
Stanley Schuler

Period Details: A Sourcebook for House Restoration
Martin and Judith Miller

A Pattern Language: Towns, Buildings, Construction
Christopher Alexander

Creating the Not So Big House: Insights and Ideas for the New American Home
Sarah Susanka

The Not So Big House Collection

The Good Home
Dennis Wedlick


An Inconvenient Truth
Al Gore

The Long Emergency: Surviving the End of Oil, Climate Change, and Other Converging Catastrophes of the Tewnty-First Century
James Howard Kunstler

High Noon for Natural Gas: The New Energy Crisis
Julian Darley

The Philosophy of Sustainable Design
Jason F. McLennen

Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things
by William McDonough, Michael Braungart

The Green House: New Directions in Sustainable Architecture
Alanna Stang, Christopher Hawthorne

Ten Shades of Green: Architecture and the Natural World
Peter Buchanan

Sustainable Homes: 26 Designs That Respect the Earth
James Grayson Trulove

Ecohouse 2: A Design Guide
Sue Roaf, Manuel Fuentes, Stephanie Thomas


David Adler, Architect
Martha Thorne, editor

The Country Houses of David Adler
Stephen M. Salny

The Architecture of Delano & Aldrich
Peter Pennoyer

Allan Greenberg: Selected Works
Academy Editions

Edwin Lutyens: Country Houses
Gavin Stamp

Andrea Palladio: The Complete Illustrated Works
Guido Beltramini

The Four Books on Architecture
Andrea Palladio
Translated by Robert Tavernor and Richard Schofield

The Perfect House: A Journey with Renaissance Master Andrea Palladio
Witold Rybczynski

Shaping an American Landscape: The Art and Architecture of Charles A. Platt
Keith N. Morgan

The Architecture of Charles A. Platt
Acanthus Press

Mastering Tradition: The Residential Architecture
of John Russell Pope

James B. Barrison

American Classicist : The Architecture of Philip Trammel Shutze
Elizabeth Meredith Dowling

The American Houses of Robert A. M. Stern
The Monacelli Press

Ken Tate Architect: Selected Houses Volume One
Oscar Riera Ojeda

American Splendor: The Residential Architecture of Horace Trumbauer
Michael C. Kathrens

The Houses of McKim, Mead & White
Samuel G. White


Creating Luxurious, Livable Spaces

Mariette Himes Gomez

Classic English Interiors
Henrietta Spencer-Churchill


Period Kitchens: A Practical Guide to Period-Style Decorating
Judith Miller

Country Kitchens
Jocasta Innes, James Merrell

Great Kitchens: At Home With America’s Top Chefs
Ellen Whitaker, Colleen Mahoney, Wendy Jordan

Chris Casson Madden

Kitchens: A Design Source Book
Vinny Lee

Kitchens: Lifestyle & Design
James W. Krengel & Bernadette Baczynski

Bernadette Baczynski

Bathrooms: California Design Library
Diane Dorrans Saeks

The Bathroom
Diane Berger

Bathrooms: Inspiring Ideas and Practical Solutions for Creating a Beautiful Bathroom
Chris Casson Madden

Waterworks: Inventing Bath Style
Barbara Sallick


Pleasures of the Porch: Ideas for Gracious Outdoor Living
Daria Price Bowman & Maureen Lamarca

The Outdoor Room: Garden Design for Living
David Stevens

On Garden Style
Bunny Williams, Nancy Drew

Garden Design: History, Principles, Elements, Practice
William Lake Douglas

The New American Garden: Innovations in Residential Landscape Architecture
James Grayson Trulove

The New American Swimming Pool
James Grayson Trulove

Wooden Fences
George Nash

Architecture in the Garden
James ven Sweden


The Old Way of Seeing: How Architecture Lost Its Magic (And how to get it back)
Jonathan Hale

Home From Nowhere: Remaking Our Everyday World for the 21st Century
James Howard Kunstler

The Geography of Nowhere: The Rise and Decline of America's Man-Made Landscape
James Howard Kunstler

The City in Mind Notes on the Urban Condition
James Howard Kunstler

Home Psych: The Social Psychology of Home and Decoration
Joan Kron

The Most Beautiful House in the World
Witold Rybczynski

Looking Around: A Journey Through Architecture
Witold Rybczynski

City Life: Urban Expectations in a New World
Witold Rybczynski

The City in Mind Notes on the Urban Condition
James Howard Kunstler


Wolf Kahn
Justin Spring, Louis Finkelstein

Wolf Kahn Pastels
Wolf Kahn, Barbara Novak

Wolf Kahn’s America: An Artist’s Travels
Wolf Kahn

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