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What we do

Greenworks Consulting can help you save money by dramatically improving energy efficiency.
Energy savings of 20% to 40% are achievable at a modest cost, and with an impressively
short payback, resulting in returns on investment greater than 20% per annum, and long
term dividends in the form of lower operating costs.

We also help businesses address other “green” or sustainability issues such as workplace
air quality, non-toxic materials, water conservation, waste reduction and carbon footprint
reduction. Properties perceived as green or environmentally friendly are considered
highly desirable and command higher prices.

Going green is the right thing to do. Call us today to learn how your business can become
more sustainable and environmentally responsible while improving the bottom line.

The demand for green real estate:

Commercial tenants are willing to pay more for green office space because it offers
improved working conditions that lead to higher productivity, lower absenteeism,
higher job satisfaction and enhanced employee retention.

Home buyers, driven by energy costs and heightened awareness of environmental
issues, increasingly show a preference for energy efficient green homes.

Travelers and event planners now consider sustainability issues important when
selecting a hotel.

Benefits of green properties include:

• Energy cost savings
• Reduced water consumption
• Lower waste management costs
• Reduced tenant complaints
• More desirable environment for tenants, resulting in:
• Higher occupancy rates
• Higher rents
• Quicker rent-up
• Improved tenant retention

Documentation: (more available upon request)

A pair of studies released in April, 2008 document increased value and reduced operating costs of green buildings.
(see attached article)
     • Energy cost savings from 25% to 40%
     • Rent premiums from $2.38 per sq. ft. to $11.24 per sq. ft.
     • Increased occupancy rates in the range of 3.6% to 3.8%
     • Sales premiums from $61 per sq. ft. to $171 per sq. ft.

The Process: (as needed for a given project)

Initial assessment
     • Study existing conditions
     • Study tenant usage patterns
     • Review operating costs
     • Fuel
     • Electricity
     • Water
     • Waste management
     • Cleaning & Maintenance
     • Review building components / systems scheduled for upgrade or replacement
Preliminary Green Opportunities Report
     • Identify opportunities for improvement
          • Energy efficiency
          • Water efficiency
          • Indoor air quality
          • Environmentally preferable materials, operation & maintenance
• Rate options by
     • Ease of implementation
     • Relative cost
     • Likely payback period / return on investment
     • Environmental impact
     • Marketing advantages
• Prioritize suggested implementation
     • Low-hanging fruit – easy to implement, minimal disruption, low-cost, quick payback
     • Mid-range projects – moderate cost, higher impact
     • Best practices –higher up-front cost, with potential for greatest benefits
       and long-term savings
     • In-depth analysis of selected options
     • Life Cycle Cost analysis – compares first costs with savings over life of the system
     • Identify available rebates and tax incentives
     • Carbon footprint reduction
• Energy audits

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