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What would it be like to live in a house that makes us feel good? Not just by virtue of its attractive design and fine proportions, but a house that could actually make us healthier. And not only that, but a house that doesn’t waste energy, squander scarce resources, or harm the environment.

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Green is changing the face of commercial real estate. According to Barron's, "The marketplace shift to green is gathering force. Massive obsolescence is looming. Profits are there for the taking. It's time to act."

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Companies of all sizes are discovering
that green is good for business.
Whether motivated by a passionate commitment to the environment or a simple desire to cut energy costs, corporations around the world are discovering that, as General Electric CEO
Jeff Immelt stated, “Green is green.” Commercial Corporate

Greenworks Consulting can help make your home:

 More energy efficient
•  More economical
 More comfortable all year round
 Healthier for your family
 More environmentally friendly
  More valuable (green homes     
    appraise higher)

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Green home design-build service by Barry Katz Homebuilding, Inc.

Greenworks Consulting helps owners and developers of office, retail and hospitality properties save money.

Energy cost reductions of 20% to 40% are achievable at a reasonable cost
resulting in ROIs greater than 20% and substantial long term dividends.

The service also addresses other sustainability issues such as
• Indoor air quality
• Non-toxic materials
• Water conservation
• Waste reduction
• Carbon footprint reduction

Benefits of green properties include:
• Energy cost savings
• Reduced water consumption
• Lower waste management costs
• Reduced tenant complaints
• More desirable environment for tenants, 
   resulting in:
          • Higher occupancy rates
          • Higher rents
          • Quicker rent-up
          • Improved tenant retention

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Greenworks Consulting can help your business develop and implement a corporate sustainability policy.

Adopting sustainable business practices benefits the bottom line:

Greener work environments reduce absenteeism, improve employee job satisfaction, and boost productivity.

Clients and consumers display a marked preference for companies perceived to
have a green agenda.

Sustainable strategies can reduce costs for every aspect of a business from manufacturing, packaging, and shipping, to waste reduction and disposal, and everything in-between.

Green business practices increase profits
and mitigate risk.

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